8 Blunders in Major Gift Asks

July 09, 2024

Having trouble closing major gifts? Unsure how to approach major gifts? Let’s think about what NOT to do, and talk about a better way. 

In this episode, Niermann and Cass talk about experiences in sales and fundraising, both mistakes they have made and successes they have had, and lessons learned through each case.

Episode Highlights:

  • Jason Cass explains the importance of managing major gifts in nonprofit fundraising. 
  • Scott Niermann emphasizes the importance of visiting donors personally for major gift requests to build relationships. 
  • Jason Cass discusses the effectiveness of face-to-face meetings versus virtual meetings for major gift tasks. 
  • Scott Niermann explains the significance of having the right people in the room during major gift asks, especially involving board members. 
  • Scott Niermann discusses strategies for avoiding backtracking during major gift asks and the importance of not beating around the bush. 
  • Scott Niermann shares a personal anecdote about a two-hour lunch meeting where he failed to make the ask and the lessons learned. 
  • Scott Niermann discusses the critical role of follow-up and keeping the responsibility to stay in touch. 
  • Jason Cass provides practical tips for ensuring follow-up, including planning timelines and understanding donors’ preferences for communication.

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