Corporate-Nonprofit Partnerships: Why and How?

July 05, 2022

Why should a nonprofit organization partner or collaborate with a corporation? How do you find the right business partnership and open the door to great opportunities? In this episode of the NP Local podcast, join host Scott Niermann and special guest Cheryle N. Yallen of CNY Nonprofit Strategies to discuss a “good fit” partnership and essential components of that corporate-nonprofit relationship.

Episode Highlights:

  • Cheryle explains that when nonprofits and corporations come together with a mutual goal, they can accomplish a lot. (4:10)
  • Cheryle talks about how local nonprofits could benefit from a partnership with a corporation. (7:28)
  • Cheryle advises nonprofits to think outside the box and not to focus on the money, as it will naturally come. (10:55)
  • Cheryle provides an example of how she was able to build credibility and recognition for a nonprofit. (12:56)
  • Cheryle explains that advocacy is pushing for and pulling for a particular issue. (15:40)
  • Cheryle shares that the first step to building trust with a corporation is to figure out who at the corporation you should contact. (17:38)
  • Cheryle talks about how the key to a great negotiation is thinking through in advance what you can bring to the table. (23:01)
  • Cheryle elaborates on the importance of roles and responsibilities for both parties in a corporate-nonprofit relationship. (24:37)
  • Cheryle advises listeners to look at what is exciting and fun in a partnership, and suddenly new ideas will come up and the rest will follow. (27:53)

Key Quotes:

  • “Both the nonprofit and the corporation come together with a mutual goal, and together they can accomplish a lot.” – Cheryle Yallen
  • “I would say, as a nonprofit, think bigger and think outside the box. Don’t automatically go for the money, the money will come. But appeal to them for a different reason.” – Cheryle Yallen
  • “I would say in partnership, overall, think outside the box. Don’t look at what is necessarily easy. Look at what is exciting and fun. And then all of a sudden, you’ll come up with some new ideas.” – Cheryle Yallen

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