Planned Giving: An Overview

August 02, 2022

Join NP Local co-host Scott Niermann and special guest Paul Bowman, President of The Holston Foundation (Alcoa, TN), a 25-year veteran of fundraising, as they discuss planned giving vehicles and some tips about starting, enhancing, or growing your donor gift planning program.

Episode Highlights:

  • Scott introduces Paul Bowman, President of The Holston Foundation. (1:03)
  • Paul discusses planned giving programs and mentions that a robust planned giving program is a natural maturity of a non-profit, especially a development office for a nonprofit. (3:49)
  • Paul explains that a planned gift is any strategic gift that benefits an organization and often leads to the sustainability of the organization. (5:49)
  • Paul shares that it is important for nonprofits to express their vision of the nonprofit to potential donors. (7:50)
  • Scott and Paul talk about wills, bequests, and the majority of planned gifts come from a simple bequest. (10:31)
  • Paul shares that he often does a workshop called Provide and Protect that talks about beneficiary options for planned giving, which many people are unaware of. (14:14)
  • Scott shares that in their organization, they have what is called a charitable gift annuity or CGA program. (20:32)
  • Paul shares the benefits of gifting stocks, bonds, or even mutual funds. (25:42)
  • Paul discusses which components in a legacy society are most important. (30:33) 

Key Quotes:

  • “I just encourage those that perhaps are dipping their toe into planned giving, as a professional or as a nonprofit, don’t be scared of the process. Get to know a foundation, or a bank, or an organization that can assist you in the more sophisticated gifts.” -Paul Bowman
  • “You may not be under the shade of the tree of the seeds that you’re planting in your nonprofit work, but someone will benefit from your efforts.” -Paul Bowman
  • “I love CGAs. They’re such an easy instrument to use, you don’t even need to involve an attorney. In the process, it’s simply a contract between the nonprofit and a donor that has to be notarized and you receive the gift.” -Paul Bowman

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