“Quiet Quitting” and Employee Engagement – Part I

January 17, 2023

In many cases, employee burnout leads to “quiet quitting” and the Great Resignation. What is “quiet quitting” and how can leaders combat this threat to your organization’s mission through better engagement?

Episode Highlights:

  • Scott explains what “quiet quitting” is and how to prevent it in your organization. (2:35)
  • Scott provides an example of leader engagement and shares that over the last ten years he has discovered how aspects of his identity or personality might impact his leadership. (6:21)
  • Scott explains that people are more engaged when they believe their job is important and when they can relate their everyday activities to the organization’s goals and accomplishments. (7:45)
  • Jason mentions that one of the things he does in his business is reminding his employees that they are building an empire, specifically an insurance empire. (8:15)
  • Scott explains that entering information into a database can make employees feel like a cog in the wheel, and it’s helpful if employees understand just how critical the database is to the organization’s mission. (9:57)
  • Jason shares his mission for his virtual employees this year, as well as how Tango.io helps to make the processes and procedures easier to share with the virtual employees. (18:09)
  • Jason mentions that he is thinking about writing a book about how to delegate, and he is even going to delegate the writing of his book. (13:14)
  • Scott talks about the importance of building trust within your team. (15:32)

Key Quotes:

  • “If employees are properly engaged, that is the biggest thing an organization can do to avoid quiet quitting, especially in the nonprofit sector. You know, we’re about mission.  As our lead into this podcast says, we’re about mission and changing communities.” – Scott Niermann
  • “If I can create the fence and let them know where they’re allowed to not go, then they know where they can go. And I don’t need to micromanage them.” – Jason Cass
  • “What I always try to focus on with new employees is the fact that this database is the brain of the organization when none of us are there anymore. So that’s how critical it is to the mission. So, you’ve got to take those things that feel like a hamster wheel and connect them to the mission.” – Scott Niermann

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