Telling the Story of Your Organization’s Impact

May 18, 2021

In this episode of the NP Local podcast hosted by Jason Cass and Scott Niermann, using the Charting Impact framework crafted by leading, nationwide nonprofit advocacy and transparency organizations, NP Local hosts walk through five strategic questions every organization should consider in order to communicate their story. Specifically, the Charting Impact framework will help your organization articulate long-term goals, programmatic strategies, capabilities, and impact to your constituents, funders, and even new staff and board members as you onboard. Check it out today, and stand out above the crowd, as a worthy and valuable nonprofit!

Episode Highlights:

  • Scott mentions some organizations from his files. (2:35)
  • Scott shares what a Charting Impact does. (4:04)
  • Jason shares a story about his conversations with a women’s abuse shelter and an executive director of a nonprofit. (4:54)
  • Scott mentions the first question in the Charting Impact. (8:02)
  • Scott gives us the second question in the Charting Impact. (11:11)
  • Scott shares the significance of the program areas. (12:25)
  • Scott explores the third question in the Charting Impact. (13:49)
  • Scott explains why your capabilities have to be aligned with those goals. (15:57)
  • Scott shares the fourth question in the Charting Impact. (17:16)
  • Scott gives us the final question in the Charting Impact. (20:45)

Key Quotes:

  • “There’s so many nonprofits being created every day. You’ve got to stand out, you’ve got to show what I think most donors are looking for… impact in the nonprofit world.” – Scott Niermann
  • “Knowing what the impact is, is the story you’re not only going to tell to your people you serve, but, also to those who are serving those people… your employees, which are our greatest asset.” – Jason Cass
  • “This whole exercise is an opportunity for the organization to reflect something that we don’t take enough time for…Something that we have to do. It’s a way to improve morale and get in that positive mindset for planning.” – Scott Niermann

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