Identifying Your Nonprofit’s Core Values, Vision and Mission

March 09, 2021

In this episode of the NP Local podcast hosted by Jason Cass and Scott Niermann, they discuss why the vision, mission and core values are some of the most significant factors that leaders do and their definitions.

Episode Highlights:

  • Scott shares a story about Peter Drucker, who is a well-known business consultant. (3:12)
  • Scott shares why a mission statement should help drive your goals. (10:28)
  • Scott shares why one of the real problems out there is “mission creep.” (11:10)
  • Scott explains the “Three Musts” that Peter Drucker developed. (13:24)
  • Scott shares why core values are significant to consider. (17:11)
  • Scott mentions the Salvation Army. (18:46)

Key Quotes:

  • “The vision, mission, and core values are important because it’s guiding light to what your organization should be doing. One thing we never think about is the thing we hate the most which is hiring and that bad word firing.” – Jason Cass
  • “If you do something more than have this set on a shelf or in board minutes, it’s going to be meaningful. It may be meaningful at the time you least expect it. So, I encourage you to hang mission and vision values on your office wall. Make it visible for all to see.” – Scott Niermann
  • “If we are constantly chasing that ball or we’re constantly chasing the squirrel, then we’re not staying focused on the core things that we do best. Mission creep is exactly that. It is creeping away or veering away from your core purpose.” – Scott Niermann

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