Why NP Local?

October 07, 2020

In the first episode of the NP Local podcast, co-hosts, Jason Cass, and Scott Niermann, MPA, CFRE discuss the size, scope, and changes taking place in the nonprofit sector that have implications for anyone in the field. Nonprofit leaders listen to NP Local to gain new and different perspectives on important nonprofit topics, and to discover how the next generation of nonprofit leaders can make informed decisions as they are placed in positions of increasing responsibility.

Key Quotes:

  • “One of the things that we do in our insurance agency, we only do a few are nonprofits. We do a lot of nonprofits when it comes to assisted living facilities down to senior centers, drug rehabilitation centers, anything mainly that has to do with kids or seniors. That’s normally what we do.” – Jason Cass (1:36)
  • “I also enjoy consulting on the side helping those smaller organizations that cannot afford a full-time fundraiser or volunteer manager and providing organizational planning and fundraising planning for them.” – Scott Niermann (2:22)
  • “I realized that when I was going into a lot of nonprofits… there’s a huge change that’s happening.” – Jason Cass (3:30)
  • “There’s going to be a lot of opportunity in the nonprofit world. And it’s fun business” – Scott Niermann (4:37)
  • “I actually advocate for partnerships, if not mergers, you don’t need to be competing with a nonprofit right down the road in your same county for the same cause, partner together.” – Scott Niermann (5:11)
  • “I help in leadership coaching and to have somebody come alongside you, which we can do virtually through this podcast. And to know that you’re not alone, I think is very important. And so we want to help you network, we want to help you learn and we want you to know that you have support.” – Scott Niermann (7:12)
  • “NP local, where we know local means community, and helping your community is your goal. And we just want you to know that you are not alone in that process. We’re going to help you through it.” – Jason Cass (7:29)
  • “If you’re new to this field, it’s important to understand that this is not for profit business. And it is not public service or government service.” – Scott Niermann (8:54)
  • “I’m not a guy that believes that pie is limited, I believe in growing the pie, garnering more interest in giving and giving people that opportunity and educating them on your organization.” – Scott Niermann (13:42)
  • “Any given small to medium-sized nonprofit operates on a small margin, potentially, as a small business does.” – Scott Niermann (19:00)
  • “You can do well, by doing good, this is a great career path. I’ve enjoyed it. And even if you’re in a small organization, just know that there are resources out there and we plan to be one of them.” – Scott Niermann (20:21)

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