Membership Organizations, Featuring Joy Duling

May 04, 2021

Join host Scott Niermann as he talks with Consultant and Speaker Joy Duling about the importance of nonprofit membership, trade, and professional associations. Consider some key points from Joy that can help build your membership organization following the pandemic, as people again seek connections to impact the local community you serve.

Episode Highlights:

  • Joy shares her work with membership nonprofits. (2:58)
  • Joy explains why some people are not joiners. (4:39)
  • Joy mentions the software platform she constructed. (5:55)
  • Scott mentions the first time he met Joy. (8:51)
  • Joy shares the model she utilizes when talking with her clients. (9:42)
  • Joy shares how membership organizations adjust. (12:14)
  • Joy mentions why strategic alliances could be beneficial. (15:07)

Key Quotes:

  • “If you are offering something of value, providing a member experience that is meaningful to someone and it’s having an impact in their life or their business, they will join.” – Joy Duling
  • “I believe that organizations need to be intentionally designing a journey for their members. They need to understand what people want coming in and how to deliver that in a way that gets their members closer to the result that they’re looking for.” – Joy Duling
  • “When you show the people that you’re serving that you care in that way, it really makes a big difference in building that relationship. It shows them that you actually value them and that you’re trying to provide something that they will appreciate and enhance the relationship.” – Joy Duling

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