“Quiet Quitting” and Employee Engagement – Part II

January 31, 2023

A leader’s engagement is critical to engaging the team and organizational success. Check out Part II of NP Local Podcast on Employee Engagement as it relates to productivity, burnout, and “quiet quitting.”

Episode Highlights:

  • Scott discusses the critical role of trust in team engagement. (1:46)
  • Jason mentions that one way to avoid quiet quitting is to ensure that everyone realizes that they each have their own piece of the empire, but that everyone’s empire is successful because of the success of each other. (3:34)
  • Scott discusses policy processes as barriers to micromanagement and shares that providing individuals freedom within specific limitations is something they’ve been working on in his organization in recent years. (4:49)
  • Jason discusses the significance of structural support in the workplace. (8:53)
  • Scott explains that offering ample opportunities for growth and development is one of the most important factors in improving employee engagement at the organizational level. (13:42)
  • Scott discusses leadership engagement and how it drives employee engagement. (15:21)
  • Scott shares how important developing self-awareness is for leaders. (19:01)

Key Quotes:

  • “What if we train them and they leave, what if we don’t and they stay? Now, I know, there are a lot of you that have heard that before. But if you heard that for the first time, really stop and think about that. That is very, very vital and very important as a manager or principle.” – Jason Cass
  • “As a leader, if we all will increase that self-awareness. As we said earlier, we all have quirks and that’s just how we are. It’s a factor of our lens and our personality and our experiences that we’ve been through. But, I think it’s important to build that self-awareness.” – Scott Niermann 
  • “We mentioned team norms…when you’re severely understaffed, or when you have leadership that is not engaged, or that has had some turnover, or you just have these earth-shattering situations like the pandemic, right, that just changes what those norms ever have been before.”- Scott Niermann 

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