Volunteer Management: Issues & Best Practices

August 10, 2021

In this episode of the NP Local podcast, host Scott Niermann is joined by Scott McFarland, Executive Director at Missouri Community Service Commission. Volunteers are an important part of a nonprofit: they are donors of time, similar to donors of money. Therefore, good program management for the volunteer corps and appropriate time allocation and training for staff in these roles are critical to maximizing the value of volunteers. Listen to this episode for some key practices that will protect and provide for your nonprofit.

Episode Highlights:

  • Does Scott McFarland think that according to the independent sector, the value of volunteer time nationally is over $28.50 per hour? (2:30)
  • Scott McFarland gives an example of volunteer time being very beneficial. (4:12)
  • Scott McFarland shares on how to get a full value out of volunteers. (5:12)
  • Scott McFarland mentions the significance of the three Rs. (6:02)
  • Scott Niermann mentions an article entitled, 10 Best Practices in Volunteer Management. (6:58)
  • Scott Niermann recommends the book entitled Volunteer Management, by Steve McCurley. (9:33)
  • Scott McFarland shares what nonprofit directors do to recruit the right volunteers. (11:07)
  • Scott McFarland gives his thoughts about retention. (17:49)
  • Scott McFarland shares the value of re-enforcing volunteers with the impact that they’re having. (20:11)
  • Scott McFarland mentions what he would always say to AmeriCorps members. (25:23)

Key Quotes:

  • “It’s really beneficial to kind of take a step back and figure out exactly what volunteers are doing for your organization and community. Having that number in hand is a good one to use.” – Scott McFarland
  • “Whenever they volunteer, make sure they see the impact. They’re going to be more likely to stay and be better volunteers for you because they’re going to be bought into your mission, whatever that mission is.” – Scott McFarland
  • “The last thing you want somebody to say is, I gave an hour of my time and I couldn’t have done it better somewhere else. You want them to feel like they had meaning and were worthwhile and worth their time and your time.” – Scott McFarland

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