The Missing Middle – Part III

June 21, 2022

In this episode of NP Local podcast, concluding the series on “the missing middle,” a few examples are discussed from organizations who addressed the problem of retaining mid-range donors. Important strategies are discussed including knowing your middle donor data, using your volunteer network, creating middle donor processes, creating giving “clubs,” donor motivations, personalization and more!

Episode Highlights:

  • Jason explains that Scott is great at discussing the innerworking of nonporfits and that is one of the reasons for creating this podcast. (2:30)
  • Scott recaps some takeaways from the previous episode. (3:14)
  • Scott talks about the two organizations that had significant improvement in their missing middle. (7:13)
  • Jason asks which comes first, growth or process? (8:49)
  • Scott shares that, in his foundation, rapid growth has made them realize they do not have the processes in place to be as efficient and effective as they could be. (9:51) 
  • Jason explains why it is important to learn from those who are bigger in the industry. (9:28)
  • Scott explains that when setting up a giving club, it really is a combination of direct marketing, direct mail, and online. (10:46)
  • Jason talks about how the Rainforest Alliance is putting on their event. (13:11)
  • Scott advises the listeners to have specific issues bubble up in a staff meeting. (16:04)
  • Jason explains that it’s important to have an open meeting, and bringing up an idea does not mean you will get stuck doing it. (17:13)

Key Quotes:

  • “What I’m experiencing right now in our foundation is we are growing so quickly in the last few years that we realize we don’t have all the processes that we need in place in order to be as efficient and effective as we can be.” – Scott Niermann
  • “I think the header sums it: ‘revamping your middle donor program will take time and money, but you can make progress in the next 30 days.’” – Scott Niermann
  • “Sometimes it’s important to have an open meeting, you have to get that gorilla out of the room.” – Jason Cass

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